The Country Inn Le Macine is located 500 meters (about 1650 feet) above sea level. It is surrounded by rolling hills, cultivated olive groves, vineyards and legume farms. The estatelies on 40 acres of land rich with domesticated animals. On the premisis of the Country Inn everything is homemade and home grown. Breads,Wines,extra virgin olive oil (cold press), a variety of cheeses, jams and pastries and course all the pastas are homemade.
During the months October and November, visitors will have the opportunity to observe from beginning to end, the actual procedure of turning olives into extra virgin olive oil. Hight quality, cold press olive oil is made right on the premesis and it has less than 0,1% acidity. The Country Inn also displays a variety of antique farming tools household utensils. They have information handy on all the festivities religious celebretions of the area.
Teramo, an ancient pre roman city of 60.000 people is only a ten minute drive away. The beautiful beaches of Adriatic and the beautiful mountains of the Appenine Chain are only minutes away.

Within a short driving distance you can visit the National Park of the Gran Sasso and the rest of the Laga mountains. The Gran Sasso is the highest mountain of the Appennine Chain. At the foot of the mountain is the Sanctuary of St Gabriel, The fortress of Civitella del Tronto, the village of Campli (city of arts and museums) where you will find the Holy Steps in the world. The town of Castelli, world known for its ceramics is also nearby.

“Le Macine” opened its doors in 1993. This unique country Inn, opened its doors in 1993, because of an old tradition that farm owners and local town people have followed for many generations. They loved the land and worked hard every day striving to keep the quality of their products. Even to this day they strive to give you the originality of their tradition.
While visiting you will see a display of old farming tools and machinery, from the crude tools of the past to todays modern equipment. A few of the things you will see are old wine presses, ancient scales, ktchen utensils and other antiques that were used for farming and household chores of the past.